Rolling Loud x Uptop

June 14, 2023

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With another marquee client on board, we’re pleased to see token-gating and priority experiences for loyal customers advancing. This time, we were able to help power a loyalty experience for the premier hip hop musical festival in the world, Rolling Loud. Their festivals have captivated audiences across three continents, with the flagship and founding event taking place each year in Miami. On an annual basis, Rolling Loud serves hundreds of thousands of customers across the globe with the only hip hop centric festival of its kind.

Earlier in 2023, Rolling Loud launched Loudpunx, a collection of 2,435 profile pictures celebrating the fandom and spirit of the festival. The NFTs were available to mint on a first-come basis, with a  price of 1.5 ETH. As pioneers in web3 fan utility, a Loudpunx NFT confers its holder a lifetime free ticket to any Rolling Loud music festival worldwide. Of course, if a Loudpunx is transferred, that privilege also transfers from the old holder to its new holder. With a ticket to the Miami festival costing $329 and a Loudpunx costing $2,500 at the time of mint, collecting a Loudpunx translated to unprecedented value accrual for the fans willing to engage on a deeper level on-chain with Rolling Loud.

Of course, complimentary tickets to Rolling Loud festivals on a lifetime basis isn’t the only benefit conferred to Loudpunx holders. Collectors also receive access to a VIP lounge when attending festivals, as well as exclusive online content through the Loudpunx Discord channel. More benefits are being planned for Loudpunx holders, and we’re proud to have supported the latest effort presented inside Rolling Loud’s merch store.

We’ve written before about our Shopify integration as well as about token-gating and how it works. For Rolling Loud, the goal was to offer Loudpunx holders distinct advantages when shopping inside their online merch store. After an instant installation from the Shopify app store and a one-hour onboarding session, Rolling Loud was able to configure token-gated benefits inside their merch store for Loudpunx holders.

Thanks to Uptop’s Shopify integration, Loudpunx holders are offered an exclusive discount on all merch. Second, collectors will be given priority access to specific items in the store before they go on sale to the general public. In the future, there may be the opportunity to additionally offer free items on a regular basis to Loudpunx holders to encourage continued engagement and active ownership within the community.

View of connecting a web3 wallet to a Shopify store using the Uptop integration.

To redeem benefits, Loudpunx holders need only to connect the web3 wallet holding the NFT to the Rolling Loud merch store using our simple and intuitive interface. Our integration supports several different wallet types, including of course popular browser extensions like Metamask, but also supporting a wide range of mobile wallet types accessible through the WalletConnect protocol.

We see Rolling Loud’s entrance into web3 as a pioneering effort in how brands can both offer tremendous value and cultivate a deeper relationship with their most valuable customers on-chain using NFT collections. Additionally, from a strategic perspective, Rolling Loud was able to capture over $6mm of advance revenue from future ticket sales through the proceeds of its Loudpunx collection, which will help fuel Rolling Loud’s worldwide growth with bigger and better experiences as well as guarantee a loyal portion of the audience that will undoubtedly spread the word, bring friends, etc. We suspect that as other companies catch on to the implications of well-curated, utility-laden, brand NFT collections, we will see copycat strategies proliferate. We are very much looking forward to and building towards this future!