Uptop Launches Loyalty Program for the Empire State Buillding

March 1, 2024

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We at Uptop could not be more proud to announce the launch of the Empire State Building's new Ambassadorship loyalty program. This initiative is set to enhance the experience for the over 4 million yearly visitors to New York's most iconic landmark, which was celebrated as the Top U.S. Attraction by Tripadvisor for the second consecutive year in 2023. The program marks a new chapter in visitor engagement, leveraging unique digital collectibles to make each guest's visit that much more special.

This announcement strikes particularly close to home for us at Uptop (no pun intended). Both of our co-founders, coming from New York City, spent their formative years walking in the literal shadow of our newest partner. It feels appropriate at this stage in the life cycle of the company for their experience to come full circle, offering a service that will further the experience of the observatory's guests for years to come

In creating the program, we developed an efficient technology framework that seamlessly integrates into ESB's existing systems, offering immediate rewards to visitors without the need for a painful onboarding process. We worked closely with ESB's ticketing partner, Ventrata, to ensure a smooth integration, allowing visitors to buy tickets to the observatory using their normal credit or debit cards, and receive points automatically that will be applied to status and perks.

"Choosing technology that could scale to meet the needs of hundreds of thousands of people in its first year was essential. The technology we've employed ensures performance and reliability."
-Ross Basri, co-founder and tech lead

The Empire State Building, renowned for its 86th Floor Observatory—the only 360-degree, open-air observatory in New York—draws both international tourists and a loyal local following.

To honor these supporters, Uptop has designed exclusive digital keepsakes that commemorate visits uniquely for both one-time and repeat visitors, enhancing their connection to this New York icon and offering perks from various ESRT Partners.

Rewards include:

“Tourists are changing how they commemorate travel, with digital memories becoming increasingly significant compared to traditional souvenirs. This initiative, brought to us by the Empire State Building, perfectly blends tradition with a modern twist.”
- John Timoney, co-founder

The program is designed to offer flexible benefits, working with a variety of partner merchants to introduce future opportunities. Initially, benefits will be available at ESRT partners such as Tacombi and STATE Grill and Bar.

Those interested in joining the program can sign up here for more details and updates.