Uptop and Dust Labs Offer Dust Back Shopping Rewards

February 23, 2023

We’re pumped to announce the next phase of development for Uptop – which will be focused on meeting consumers wherever they shop with more fun, meaningful, and personalized rewards. To kick off our new initiative, we’ve teamed up with Dust Labs to offer $DUST rewards on purchases with a range of partner merchants. These rewards are in addition to whatever points you would earn when paying with credit card normally. Sugar (or $DUST) on top!

To sign up for early access to the beta, register here.

How it Works

The first step to begin qualifying for $DUST airdrops is to connect your wallet to the Uptop rewards app. Bring your wallet of choice – connect your metamask, or use WalletConnect to authenticate with any supported wallet. Don’t have a crypto wallet? No problem! We can get you spun up with a brand new one using just your email address.

Next, you’ll be asked to link your shopping spend to the Uptop rewards app. We use a secure and transparent linkage offered by our partners at Mastercard to airdrop $DUST straight to your wallet whenever you complete purchases at partner merchants’ stores. Once the linkage is established, you can shop online, or in-store to earn rewards, and neither Dust Labs nor Uptop has access to your personal financial information (this stays on the Mastercard servers). More info about our Mastercard partnership here.

What’s Next

We’re partnering with Dust Labs to begin offering more personalized and engaging web3 rewards, but we’re not stopping there. Web3 rewards are poised to take a big leap forward in 2023, with NFT-based loyalty programs and tokenized offerings sprouting up across so many different brands and industries. Look out for a big announcement soon on how we're going to serve some of the biggest brands in the world with a one-stop web3 loyalty solution...