Introducing the Threes Brewing x Uptop Can Jam

December 26, 2022

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We’re thrilled to partner with New York’s own Threes Brewing to present the first-of-its-kind augemented reality beer tasting. For those unfamiliar with Threes, they’ve become famous in New York for their elegant craft beers that pop with bold and unexpected flavor combinations. They also have two brewpubs in Brooklyn that we can confirm fill up with revelers seeking good company on most nights of the week.

For those unfamiliar with Uptop, we partner with brands to create next-gen consumer loyalty experiences that incorporate elements of gamification, collectability, and token-gating. We work with brands to leverage our existing platform and software to curate experiences that uniquely speak to their brand and consumers.

How it Works

Grab your favorite can of Threes’ beer and scan the QR code to mint an NFT collectible of that flavor. The mint pages also tell each brew’s unique story, with information about its origins, hop types, ABV, and tasting notes. Complete journeys and earn achievement NFT’s by trying different combinations of flavors in the collection. For example, try any 4 IPA’s to unlock the IPA Lover’s Badge (shown). Threes will be recognizing these achievement badges to track their most loyal customers over time, and will be able to airdrop perks and freebies to holders.

Next, check out the leaderboard to see if you’re among the most prolific tasters. If you have an ENS name linked to your wallet, it will be displayed on the leaderboard too! Whichever player holds the leaderboard’s top spot will automatically earn the Jam Master Badge, which will confer exclusive benefits at Threes. This NFT cannot be sold or swapped, and will only be transferred when a new Jam Master is crowned on the leaderboard, at which point the badge will automatically be moved to the new leader (thanks to some smart contract magic).

Note that to begin the promotion, only the following flavors qualify for collectible redemption: Vliet, Logical Conclusion, SFY, I Hate Myself, Dare to Know, and My Righteous Self (check out the individual collectible badges by flavor below). More flavors will be added over time. You can grab Threes at their online store or IRL at Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Costco and more.

Why it Works

Let’s face it, traditional loyalty is broken. Do you want to download an app and remember yet another login and password for your shopping benefits? Are you as bored as we are of earning 1 branded point for every dollar spent until you accumulate enough for a free menu item? And do you find it as frustrating as we do that the loyalty points you earn are completely siloed, meaning you, as the owner, cannot swap, leverage, or fairly value them?

At Uptop, we believe there are three core pillars of loyalty 3.0: gamified collectability, ownership, and token-gated benefits. These key principles unlock an entirely new dimension when it comes to relationships between brands and their most loyal customers. Every time Uptop engages with a brand, we do a deep dive into its strategy, existing loyalty, and customers to understand how our core pillars can drive a more gratifying rewards experience for them.

In the case of Threes, the goal of the Can Jam is to get customers excited about trying as many different beers in the collection as possible. Threes Brewing has some flagship fan-favorites, like Vliet and Logical Conclusion, but they also have a phenomenal back catalog of brews that the casual customer may miss out on trying. With an experience like the Can Jam and thanks to its engaging collectible journeys, we can turn that casual customer into a fan who understands the breadth of the Threes Brewing portfolio.

All of the First Edition Can Jam Collectible Badges

Why Loyalty 3.0

The power of the blockchain is that it enables mass multiplayer loyalty experiences like the Can Jam. With a quick look at the leaderboard, we can see a provable record of the biggest Threes Brewing aficionados in the world, and Threes can, in turn, reward those customers over time, as well as give them a voice and the opportunity to contribute as brand ambassadors. What’s more, the ecosystem of Threes Brewing’s most fervent fans can use the open-source, interoperable properties of the blockchain to curate their own community experiences outside of the administration of the brand itself. We imagine collaborative creation, token-gated communication, and exclusive offers from tangentially related web3 communities (beer.eth, are you listening?) are right around the corner.

Stay tuned for more exciting developments in the world of loyalty 3.0, and if you are a brand who wants to create a similar case study, please reach out to us!